What to do when your business becomes a burden?


Until recently, I haven’t spoken very openly about the past 18 months. This period has been, without a doubt, the most tumultuous of my career (to date). It began at a crossroads: I wasn’t happy in my business and was stuck in a hamster wheel of maintaining status quo to ensure that teammates who depended on me for a salary were being taken care of. All of my energy was focused on keeping them employed.

As a business, we had lost our mojo. We weren’t focused, we weren’t attracting the right type of work — and were grabbing at any opportunity available to keep the lights on. I was consistently working 80 hours per week, yet I hadn’t taken a steady salary in 6 years. Some years, I’d bring home $20,000; others, maybe $35,000. I was feeling lost. We were feeling lost. Something had to change and I wasn’t sure whether to close; let things ride out until we went bust; or something else. I was caught in my own complacency and we were in trouble.

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