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The Pain Points of Web Development with WordPress

Even in the fast-changing world of web technology, WordPress stands out. Sixteen years ago, it was a humble blogging platform. Today, it powers nearly...

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How Googly Eyes Solved One of Today’s Trickiest UX Problems

The robots are here. They’re scanning shelves at your local supermarket, delivering food, and even assisting nurses in the hospital. As the robots begin...

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Forget What They Told You About Building Startup Teams. Look at Data Instead

One of the most widespread rules of thumb in the venture industry is about the number of startup founders. It implies that an optimal...

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105 Questions to Ask a Company During Your Tech Interview

You’ll go through at least one interview, and probably more before you get an offer from a tech company. You’ll be asked about your experience,...

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How I Grew an Instagram Account From 4000 Followers to 190k in a Year

I started @theminimalistwardrobe in 2017 for two reasons. I wanted to create an audience for a business I was planning, while at the same time wanting...

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