The Story of Hiveist

First of all, hello dear Hiver, how are you doing? I hope you are fine.


Our journey started back in 2014 with From day one the goal was simple, gathering the best content available on the Web on entrepreneurship and curate them to make them accessible for other entrepreneurs so they can just focus on absorbing information and get back to building the future ASAP. I have continued that journey for 2 years until I dropped the domain, it seemed too expensive to renew and I had to let it go. 


During those 2 years, I decided to have a gap year in my university and wanted to work on my “startup idea”. However, I cannot work alone, I mean I cannot work at home, I need to work at a crowded library or a crowded Starbucks. I told this in a Facebook Group called, StartupIstanbul, looking for several people to join me at Starbucks. Many people wanted to join and Hiveist has born. We came up with the name from startup pods which was a popular topic in the startup world, they are pods, so we should form hives we thought. 


After forming our Facebook Group, people started to gather in different Starbucks and posting their locations on the group. I was then enrolled in iOS Bootcamp which was given by Ulaş Can Cengiz (I am linking his LinkedIn as well because he is a very interesting guy that you should meet and talk – he is also very helpful, so if you have questions that you think that he can answer, shoot it). After what I have learned from there and using my Upwork skills, we have launched Hiveist iOS App (which was not properly working but hey, you were able to download it from AppStore, that is something). 


This is our very brief history. I have shared our “Now” and “Hopefully the Future” also.

Note: You can find Hiveist’s source codes and design at “Hopefully the Future”, because we want to go open source so we can build entrepreneurs network with entrepreneurs, together.